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This design is created by Marianne en

Anneke Hoogervorst (Van Vilt).


This series of cushions are made of a simple

weaving technique with felted wool with a

dynamic and strong moving graphic effect.

The fabrics are handmade by the designers

and are suitable for interior products; window/wall

hangings, wall covering and room dividers and

like you see here cushions.

 The fabrics can also be constructed in a sound-

proof manner | wool is flame retardent from

nature | for indoor use only | made to measure |

different colours available.

For prices please contact Marianne. 


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To me an exciting new shape.

I wanted to see if it was possible

to create a round object from three

flat frills. It worked, a beautiful

object appeared to be hidden in

the weaving. Karel Bodegom

(bas van pelt binnenhuisarchitectuur)

gave his input about the light; by placing

it on the bottem it is just like a net that

just caught a firefly. Imagine it blinking

at the bottom of it!


Handwoven paper yarn with waxed cotton

in an ajour like technique. 

size: 110cm x 80cm

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Fresh series of Cushions.

Made with horsehair and wool,

with a fringe or woven in stripes

with wool.


Prices on request 

Ready to order, also

custom made in de colours

that suits your house. 


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tie for woman and men

A handwoven Tie.

A flamboyant accessory for

celebrations. For women and gentlemen.

To jazz up your warderobe for the

festive season. A custom made and

unique piece in the colours you desire.

With a detailed finishing touch: a weight

at the end, a small stone or ring. You can

reuse that special piece of jewelery or let

me choose a fitting weight. Feel free to

contact me on details and pricing.

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A beautiful combination of

turquoise horsehair woven

into a pink background.

The pink becomes visuable

when the light goed on. 


Size: D48 x H 30cm 

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A collaboration with Dutch interior architect

Karel  Bodegom.


A light installation of handmade functional

simplicity. Karel Bodegom designed the

suspension and the diffuser. Angles and

heights can be adjusted. It’s textile artwork

of horsehair on a canvas base filters the

light very subtle and creates a warm

atmosphere. Raylight is available to order

now in several colour schemes.


(photography Rogier Chang)

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colourful scribble

Marianne and felt specialist Anneke van

Hoogervorst have created a new series of

textiles. One finished work is this wall hanging.

Is made with a simple weaving technique with

felted wool with a dynamic and strong

moving graphic effecet. The fabrics are hand-

made and suitable for also other interior

products; window hangings, wall covering and

roomdividers, a NEW cushion series is also

available named Script. 







Anneke Hoogervorst | www.vanvilt.nl 

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Steffie Christiaens

A collaboration with Paris based Dutch

fashion designer Steffie Christiaens.


After 2 successful pieces for the men's

collection, we worked together on an item

for the  women's collection. The idea was

to design a dress using the Ringlet

technique. The movement of the weaving

horsehair in combination with the light falling

on the fabric created the excitement we had

in mind.

Last October this dress was shown on the

catwalk in Paris.


Click here for website: Steffie Christiaens



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Steffie Christiaens


A collaboration with Paris based

designer Steffie Christiaens.


Two different techniques were used

for the pair of trousers and the waistcoat

for the men’s Spring/Summer collection.

Last June these items were shown

on the catwalk in Paris.

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Coiffured Lampshades | Lampenkapsels

Series of small lampshades.

A whole little family of them.

Cross-cut 13 cm, length varies

from 13 -50 cm. Ready to order.


Now for sale at:

Mimi Sieraden, Oude Leliestraat 1


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lamp shades

A collaboration with John Boyd Textiles

from UK.


I designed for JBT a collection of exquisite

Contemporary woven horsehair fabrics.

The different fabrics used in a range of

lampshades create an interesting and

beautiful effect with light.

Ranging from a wavy effect to a

plain check, available in different

natural colours, black and brown.

Ideal for hanging or as table lamps.

The horsehair is completely natural

and made in-house.