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Wall haninging | Woven in South Africa

in 2003. Pattern and design based on

local African design.

SOLD (Amsterdam)


Size: 200cm x 100cm









Photography: Judith Jockel  

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wild black

Wall panel | woven in commission for

a private client. Black and bits of

coloured horsehair woven into a

black woollen warp with blue stripes

and red detail of the side. 


Size: 55cm x 55cm

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wave turqoise

Wall panel | handwoven turquoise

and different blues of horsehair in a striped

brown and grey cotton warp.

SOLD (De Meern)


Size: 70cm x 45cm 

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Wall panel | handwoven bright yellow

horsehair in a black cotton and gold lurex



Size: 20cm x 70cm 











Baden Baden Interior

Valkenburgstraat 201a | 1011 MJ Amsterdam

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rosy river


Wall panel | handwoven pink, red and

bright orange horsehair in a light pink

cotton warp.

SOLD (Amsterdam)


Size: 120cm x 25cm 


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twist with a dot

Two twisted chains intertwined.


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golden ringlets

Room divider, wall or window hanging

or as an installation hanging from the

ceiling | handwoven blond horsehair in a

cotton warp with glass beads at the bottem.


Size: 180cm x 10 cm / 9 Ringlets 


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chocolate bear

wall hanging

100 x 200 cm  


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Wall panel | handwoven grey and purple

horsehair in a light grey linen warp.


Size: 80cm x 40cm x 4,5cm 


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red flows blue

Wall panel:

Handwoven horsehair in a

warp and weft of cotton framed on wood.

Through the combination of blue turning

over into red it is like the zigzag pattern is

jumping off the wall.




Size: 90 x 140 cm










At the permanent exhibition: 

Carpentier Haute Cuisine / Piet Boon Kitchen


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blond shell

Object | handwoven blond horsehair

into a cotton warp.


Size: 50cm x 50cm



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yellow tube

Wall object | handwoven yellow and black

horsehair in a beige cotton warp. 

Size: 70cm x 70cm

SOLD (Leiden) 


This work was selected to be exhibited at

“ the 10 years anniversary Via Milano New Dutch

design” 2010